PERSPECTIVES: Years Ago I Experienced a Campus Shooting First-Hand, and It’s Frightening to Experience It Again

FROM THE POSSIBILITATOR: “There were few people on the mall between class times when I heard gunshots near the library. I saw a victim fall and the shooter run away. Without thinking, at least I don’t recall giving it any thought, I ran to the victim, a young African American student lying on his back, blood gurgling from his mouth and his eyes wide open in shock. I can see them now as clearly as I did that day. I quickly removed my coat, put it over him, and held his head up, trying to keep him from choking until the police arrived and medics came and moved me away. I walked around for a few weeks, trying to find balance in the world. I was involved in numerous anti-war demonstrations and led a Free University course on “nonviolence.” Experiencing gun violence firsthand just shocked me, as I assume all who witness murder must. I learned later that the young man died, and the shooter was caught and, I assume, eventually convicted.” Read the full commentary here.


Terry Link is an emeritus faculty member at Michigan State University and a founding member of FutureU.


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