NEWS BRIEFS: Diversity in Higher Education?

From The New York Times: “The data show that over the past decade, some of these selective colleges, especially those with large endowments, have enrolled more students who are economically disadvantaged; at the same time, however, most schools have seen their number of these students decrease.”

Read the methodology and view the complete list here.

Percent Freshman-level Pell Grant Enrollees

Average All Schools: 21%, -2% change since 2011

Best/Bottom All schools: Berea (top, 94%) and Tulane, Oberlin, Bates, and Fairfield (tied, bottom, 8%)

Best/Bottom State flagship universities: U of New Mexico (top, 42%), U of Virginia and Penn State University (tied, bottom, 13%)

Best/Bottom Ivy League schools: Harvard (top, 22%), Brown (bottom, 14%)

Best Largest undergraduate enrollment school: University of Central Florida (61,400 undergraduates/top, 28%)

Most/least progress since 2011, all schools: Millsaps (19% increase), University of California, San Diego (23% decline)


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