PERSPECTIVES: Hillsdale College, Educational Bastion of Rightwing Politics

Emma Green, writing in The New Yorker: “Kevin Slack, who teaches politics, says, in a course titled The American Left: From Liberalism to Despotism. Across roughly six hours of video lectures, Slack gives an overview of leftist movements since the First World War, explaining the influence of figures such as Antonio Gramsci and John Rawls. Diversity and inclusion officers are part of a “priesthood that goes sniffing through private lives to look for original sins of racism or genderism,” Slack says. Progressive whites are “racial saviors” whose “greatest hostility and hatred is reserved for middle-class whites, which they seek to eradicate or enslave.” Slack concludes the course with advice to conservatives. “Stop apologizing for everything,” he says. “Understand that the tyranny you saw in 2020,” including COVID-19 lockdowns and Black Lives Matter protests, “is what the left has in store for you: a constant apology, constant subjugation, and a deprivation of all of your rights.”” Read Green’s full commentary here. 

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