PERSPECTIVES: When It Comes to Revisionist History, “Scrub-a-Dub-Dub, We’re Sitting in the Tub. Getting so Clean, Like a Washing Machine”

COLLEGE BOARD, MEET MOTHER GOOSE. Per The Washington Post: “The February 2022 version (of the Advanced Placement Course on African Studies) declared that students should learn how African American communities combat effects of “systemic marginalization.” An April update paired “systemic” with discrimination, oppression, inequality, disempowerment, and racism. A December version said it was essential to know links between Black Panther activism and “systemic inequality that disproportionately affected African Americans.” Then the word “Systemic” vanished–a crucial term for many scholars and civil rights advocates appears nowhere in the official version released earlier this month.” Why? It’s politics. Read more here.

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