PERSPECTIVES: ReclaimMSU’s Request For Support

ReclaimMSU’s critique of MSU is being interpreted in some quarters as ‘the problem’ at MSU. To counter that fallacious perception, please engage your voice (see how at the end of the following message).


In a recent interview with The State News, Interim President John Engler claims that “the general perception [of MSU] is very good” and that Reclaim MSU is to blame for the university’s negative media coverage. He says that Reclaim MSU “has a couple of faculty members, a couple of students.” “I’ve heard criticism from them of different people … not just me, but lots of things, but no ideas.”

As a Reclaim supporter, you know that we have been working together to bring transparency, accountability, and equity to the university. We have pushed for an open presidential search process, we have advocated for faculty and student representation with the Board of Trustees, we have worked with newly elected Trustees who support our policy proposal, and we have demanded that the university reopen the healing assistance fund (Nassar survivors are currently being denied support for their treatment even though the MSU police has determined that none of the fraudulent claims were made by Nassar survivors).

Write to the to let Engler know that you support real institutional change at MSU. We know it’s a really busy time of year and we have provided a sample to make things easier, but please feel free to edit or add your own reasons for supporting Reclaim.

Dear Editor-in-Chief Marie Weidmayer,

I am a student (faculty member/staff member/survivor/alum of) at Michigan State University writing in response to John Engler’s interview with The State News’ editorial board published on November 30. I support an open presidential search process. I support faculty and student representation at the highest levels of governance. I support survivors and the reopening of the Healing Assistance Fund. I support Reclaim MSU.


If you are a student, The State News asks you to include your name, year and major.

If you are a faculty or staff member, it would be helpful to provide your department, college or unit. If you do not want The State News to publish your name and details because of fear of retaliation, please let them know and they should honor this request.

Please feel free to share this message with friends and colleagues. Thanks

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