PERSPECTIVES: Five Faces, Five Legacies: Impact of Faculty Position Cuts at West Virginia University

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Here’s a spotlight on five faculty members who lost their positions in the spate of program/position cuts executed at West Virginia University. “Behind the numbers (of nearly 150 faculty members who had experienced position eliminations), the losses include those who have prepared students for the future in many incalculable ways. They’ve helped young people access higher education, understand cultural differences and connections, find professional success, and pursue their passions. Administrators say the cuts will allow the university to be forward-thinking by focusing on medical, forensics, and cybersecurity careers. But the university’s stated mission remains to provide “access and opportunity” and lead “transformation in West Virginia and the world through local, state and global engagement.” The faculty members leaving through retirements, resignations, and lay-offs have directly contributed to that mission.” Read the article here.

Cover photo from Inside Higher Education

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