NEWS BRIEFS: MSU on List of Twenty Schools With Concerning Records Regarding the Funding of Women Athletes

FROM USAToday: “The calculation for the Title IX scholarship requirement is relatively straightforward: The percentage of athletic scholarship dollars a college awards male and female athletes must fall within one percentage point of their representation in the athletic department. For instance, a school where 45% of athletes are women must give female athletes between 44% and 46% of its athletic financial aid. That’s according to the U.S. Department of Education policy, which oversees Title IX. But of 107 public FBS universities, only 32 complied with the requirement, according to our analysis of data that the schools reported to the Department of Education and the NCAA. At each of the 20 FBS public schools (reported in this article) whose public-facing data showed the highest levels of discrimination against female athletes in 2020-21, their percentage of female athletes was at least 3.5 points higher than the percentage of scholarship money female athletes received.”

Read the report here.

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