PERSPECTIVES: Harvard Prof, “Plagiarism a Pretext to Oust Harvard’s Gay”

From Democracy Now! “The plagiarism allegations against President Gay were part of a campaign started last month, led in part by conservative activist Christopher Rufo, who cheered her resignation on X, writing in all capital letters, ”SCAPLED” [sic]. The conservative website The Washington Free Beacon published new plagiarism allegations against Gay Tuesday. One of the authors Rufo accused Gay of plagiarizing was her thesis adviser, Gary King, who has dismissed the allegations, telling The Daily Beast, quote, “There’s not a conceivable case that this is plagiarism. … Her dissertation and every draft I read of it met the highest academic standards,” he said.

Professor Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Harvard Kennedy School, speaking on Democracy Now!: “It’s not an accident that in the same news week that ultimately brings us the resignation of Claudine Gay, and Nikki Haley was on tape being a slavery denier.”

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