PERSPECTIVES: Two Statements Published in ACADEME BLOG Speak Truth to the Situation at the University of Pennsylvania

DRAWN FROM ACADEME (December 10, 2023)

“In recent months, trustees, donors, lobbying organizations, and members of Congress have repeatedly misrepresented the words and deeds of Penn faculty and students who have expressed concern for Palestinian civilians and criticized the war in Gaza.”

In her Congressional Testimony (December 5, 2023), “President Magill (Penn’s president, who has since resigned) failed to respond to these instances of targeted harassment that unfolded before her eyes. While she was denied adequate time to respond, and her testimony paid lip service to academic freedom, she did not challenge the Congressmen’s misleading claims about Penn faculty members. Nor did she challenge the legitimacy of the organized campaign of targeted harassment that has circulated these claims online and in the media for months.”

Read the full statements here.

Video from Democracy Now! here:

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