NEWS BRIEFS: Court Case Involving SUNY College at Fredonia Administration and Professor Raises Important Questions About Free Speech and Academic Freedom

(from FIRE as cited below) “Stephen Kershnar is a tenured professor of philosophy at SUNY Fredonia, where he was praised by the university for his pointed, Socratic questions about morality. But in February 2022, SUNY Fredonia’s leadership suspended Kershnar from teaching, banned him from campus, and prohibited him from contacting the “campus community” over what the university called “reprehensible” views shared on two philosophy podcasts about the philosophical and ethical arguments concerning sexual relationships between minors and adults. SUNY Fredonia has continued Kershnar’s suspension from teaching for sixteen months (and counting). On June 12, 2023, FIRE filed a federal lawsuit against SUNY Fredonia’s President and Executive Vice President, alleging they discriminated against Kershnar based on his viewpoint, retaliated against him for protected speech, and created an unconstitutional prior restraint on speech.”

More on the circumstance and case via the Associated Press.

Read about the case as interpreted by The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression (FIRE)


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