PERSPECTIVES: Faculty Across U.S. Voice Support for Mizzou Students

This essay was signed by a number of U.S. faculty. List comes at the end of the statement.

Quote from the statement:

“Mizzou’s story is not just about Mizzou, individual students, or even groups of activists. It is instead about, among other things, ongoing, pervasive discrimination, state disinvestment, and privatization of the nation’s public universities. For example, at the City University of New York’s top five senior colleges, the percentage of Black students has nearly halved since 2001. At UCLA and Berkeley, California’s flagship public universities, percentages of Black students have also halved since the mid-90s. And while the number of Latinx applicants to these same campuses has risen 350% in the last two decades, admission to those two campuses has remained almost flat–by less than 2%.”




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