PERSPECTIVES: U.S. Selects Presidential Candidates After Debates, Primaries, & Conventions. University Presidents are Often Selected in Private.

Why? The University of Kentucky’s John Thelin concludes it’s because universities prefer to be run like a business, embrace the corporate model, and don’t prefer what he calls ‘the political model.’ BUT … “I’ve concluded that the political model has gained credibility because it effectively invokes the American tradition of public discourse. The president of an institution, whether officially public or private, is a public figure. The ability to speak, discuss and even debate in various public forums is essential. Therefore, the requirement of an open search and campus visits included the premise that oratory is a preview for the job ahead. If a presidential candidate does not have to face the campus communities and answer questions to land the job, why would one plan to have such public sessions and speaking engagements once inaugurated into the presidential office?” Read more from Inside Higher Education.

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