PERSPECTIVES: Mismanagement with Governance Inaction, and Another Small College Closes

Professor Hank Reichman, writing in Academe: “Medaille was saddled with $22 million in debt and more than $1 million a year in interest payments, attributable in good measure to a lease agreement for a $7.5 million sports complex that faculty and staff had questioned. A 2021 report by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, the school’s accrediting body, deemed that agreement “a significant factor of the institution’s financial downfall” and noted that its location adjacent to a chemical plant “that has continued to emit airborne toxins” resulted in health issues for students, staff, and faculty. Medaille’s small $2 million endowment shrank by 10 percent in 2022. Its cash reserves had dropped to around just $600,000, according to the Buffalo News.” Read Reichman’s full commentary here.

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