NEWS BRIEFS: New Report Draws Troubling Conclusions about Admission to America’s Top Public Universities

The Education Trust’s new report, entitled Segregation Forever? includes findings that run contrary to the belief that America’s top-end public universities are fully accessible.  Here’s a summary prepared by Andrew Howard Nichols. For the 101 most selective public colleges and universities in the U.S.:

  • Since 2000, the percentage of Black students has decreased at 6 out of 10 of these colleges.
  • Only 9% of these colleges enroll representative numbers of Black students; just 14% of them enroll representative numbers of Latino students.
  • The colleges in the states with the largest Black populations are the least accessible institutions for Black students.
  • In the nine states where 75% of the nation’s Latinos live, 3 out of 4 of these colleges received a D or F grade for enrolling Latino students as compared to the state population.

Read Nichols’ complete article here.

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