PERSPECTIVES: Getting a Handle on College Costs

From CHANGE.ORG: “The US has one of the highest average college tuitions in the world and is one of the biggest financial concerns for US families. In the middle of a pandemic, federal student aid is hitting us with another financial blow. The discount afforded to families with multiple children in college is being cut. This will almost double the cost for millions of families across the country. Petition starter Matthew believes going to school is about to become impossible for many. Add your name now to oppose the FAFSA change-making school even more unaffordable.

The biggest financial concern for millions of American families is paying for college.  One of the new FAFSA rules will exacerbate this problem for any families that will have multiple children in college at the same time.  Currently, families receive a discount if they have multiple children in college at once.  The new FAFSA rules will eliminate this discount and will effectively DOUBLE the amount families with multiple children will be expected to pay for college.  Most families already struggle with affording college; this new rule will be a crushing blow for the MILLIONS of families that will be negatively impacted each year.

The good news is that the solution is simple!  We just need the Dept. of Education to keep the current rule for siblings in place, and NOT make this change that is to take effect on Jan. 1, 2022.

Even with the current FAFSA rules, affording college is still the biggest financial concern and challenge for most families.  This new rule will make affording college for families that have multiple children almost impossible.  Please help us make college more affordable for millions of Americans each year by opposing this rule change.”

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