NEWS BRIEFS: New Book Explores Neoliberal Resistance in Higher Education

Resisting Neoliberalism in Higher Education Volume II is edited by Catherine Manathunga and Dorothy Bottrell. It’s a follow up to Volume 1 of the same title.

Description, Volume II: This book outlines the creative responses academics are using to subvert powerful market forces that restrict university work to a neoliberal, economic focus. The second volume in a diptych of critical academic work on the changing landscape of neoliberal universities, the editors and contributors examine how academics ‘prise open the cracks’ in neoliberal logic to find space for resistance, collegiality, democracy and hope. Adopting a distinctly postcolonial positioning, the volume interrogates the link between neoliberalism and the ongoing privileging of Euro-American theorizing in universities. The contributors move from accounts of unmitigated managerialism and toxic workplaces to the need to decolonize the academy to finally illustrate the various creative and counter-hegemonic practices academics use to resist, subvert and reinscribe dominant neoliberal discourses. This hopeful volume will appeal to students and scholars interested in the role of universities in advancing cultural democracy, as well as university staff, academics and students.

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