NEWS BRIEFS: MSU Investigation Finds Board Chair Behavior was “Unbecoming, Unprofessional” and a “Violation of the Board’s Code of Ethics”

THE STATE NEWS: The investigation was carried out by Michigan State University’s Office of Audit, Risk, and Compliance. However, now ex-board Chairperson Rema Vassar denies “whipping the finger” multiple times during a Board of Trustee meeting, insisting that “the gesture was not intentional. She said she instinctively uses her middle finger for many everyday activities, such as texting and adjusting her glasses.” The investigation found “Vassar had her middle finger raised during a special Zoom meeting on March 3 in which she and fellow trustee Dennis Denno were censured, stripped of their duties, and referred to the governor for potential removal by the rest of the board. Read more here.

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