PERSPECTIVES: “If I Had a Son or Daughter in College Today, I Would be Worried.”

Higher education assailed recently in two LTEs published in the same edition of a metropolitan newspaper.

“To Brandon Jett’s column about “Colleges not sites of liberal teaching” (posted on FutureU) I think I agree with you. Things have gotten far worse. Now the teaching is more socialistic and fascist. Liberal indoctrination? Absolutely! You’d have to be blind to reality not to know what has happened to our schools and universities since the ‘60s. Sadly, it starts when our children are very, very young and continues through higher education. There is a ray of sunshine in that parents are finally waking up to what is being taught and not being taught in our educational systems. Parents are getting involved at the grassroots. We can only pray it is not too late.”


Good grief! It seemed the entire editorial page last Sunday had its knee on the necks of white people. As one, I do apologize for our having been unable to alleviate more of the pain and anger through the years regarding race. But I would like to remind Professor Thornhill that our country is the only one that ever fought a war over slavery, and to some extent, slavery still exists in other countries. But no one ever mentions that. As for the sarcastic article by yet another professor, Steven Grossman, whose name accurately describes him….his column was actually just another hit piece on Donald Trump. If I had a son or daughter in college today, black or white, I would be worried.”


Read Pew Research for insights into how Americans view higher education.

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