NEWS BRIEFS: USC Issues 50-State Report On Public 4-Year Schools & The Status of Black Students

The findings reveal a sobering picture. Forty schools employed NO full-time Black instructors. At 44% of America’s public institutions, there are ten or fewer full-time Black faculty members.

“The rankings are based on the percentage of black students at each school compared to the state’s general population, the proportion of black men to women compared to the national average for gender enrollment distribution, black students’ graduation rates, and the proportion of black professors to black students. Each of those indicators received a letter grade that correlated to a number of points (four points for A, three points for B, and so on); the researchers calculated the final scores — which ranged from 0.33 to 3.50 — from there. The report also graded each of the 50 states as a whole.” Read scores here.

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