PERSPECTIVES: Graduates Talk about the Edgewood Village Scholars Program

It’s not a government program, and it’s not a non-profit offering either. It’s the product of citizen resolve–The Edgewood Village Scholars Program.

Starting in elementary school, students living in resource-limited households are prepped for college. Launched in 2008, the program is yielding college graduates. Located in the Lansing, MI area, the program is assisted by Michigan State University and funded by various means, including local philanthropy.

Today, we hear from three graduates of the program–Makela Rodgers (University of Southern California), Audriyana Jaber (Michigan State University), and Mohammed Fattah (University of Michigan)–as they talk about the program and the impact it has had on their lives.

Learn more about The Edgewood Village Scholars program.



The audiocast and YouTube video were produced by Frank Fear.

(Production is dedicated to the program’s founder, John Duley.)




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